Spreading Islam Under the Guise of a So-Called Grazing Bill

Spreading Islam Under the Guise of a So-Called Grazing Bill: The Proverbial Stubborn Fly Follows the Corpse to the Grave!

It is fair to draw the conclusion that Hausa ethnic communities that inhabit the Northern parts of the failed country called Nigeria are not very happy people. When one king Yunfa, the Hausa Sarkin of a former city of Gobir, now called Sokoto, welcomed Usman Dan Fodio and his killer jihadists in 1804, it did not occur to him that he had unwittingly signed the death warrant of his people. The tragic result for him was that one after the other, the different Hausa kingdoms of Northern Nigeria fell to the Fulani invaders. The marauding Fulani have a history and reputation of abusing their hosts’ generosity. Today, the vanquished Hausas of Northern Nigeria are miserably answerable to these Fulani invaders, except, of course, the few that are playing second fiddle to the whims of the Fulani. We challenge a bona fide Hausa native to, in a straight face; tell the world all is well with the numerous Hausa communities of Northern Nigeria today. Another Fulani jihadist also conquered the Afonja dynasty (Ilorin) of the Yoruba kingdom in today’s Western Nigeria. Just as the Hausas were forcibly converted to Islam, the Yoruba have been converting to Islam, both voluntarily and by coercion. About fifty percent of the Yoruba people are now Muslims. Paradoxically, it is a brand of Islam that respects other religions, which the Fulani view as fake rather than true Islam. Anyone who still debates this interpretation should reflect on the MKO Abiola presidential wahala. The marauding Fulani did not leave out the ethnicities in the swath of Nigeria’s Middle-Belt untouched, in their zeal for jihadist conquest and invasion. Instead, the overrun of these hapless ethnicities going back a long time goes on until today unimpeded. They have sacked many Middle-Belt communities, destroying property and farmlands, as well as killing, maiming, and raping people who stand in the way of their occupation. Prior to Fulani the invasion, these defeated peoples, whether Hausa, Yoruba or Middle-Belt, practiced their different religions and way of life. Following the invasion and incorporation into the Fulani caliphate of Usman Dan Fodio and his marauding nomads, the lives of these ethnic groups were never the same again. The regions of the failed country called Nigeria that dared the Fulani were the Bini kingdom, the Bornu kingdom, and the entire Eastern region. Some Fulani did migrate to these areas, settled in their usual way, and remained law-abiding until recently that their tin god, General Muhammadu Buhari, ascended to the Nigerian throne. It is important that the reader is reminded of the genesis of the greedy quest by the Fulani to colonize Nigeria and subjugate all ethnic nationalities, the unaccomplished job of their priest, Usman Dan Fodio, and his apparition, which his descendants are determined to fulfill:
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In this apparition Fodie was informed that the whole of that beautiful country around them, with all its populous towns and countless villages, belonged to the believers in the prophet, to wit the Phula; and that it was Fodie’s divine commission, with the help of the faithful, to wrest all those flowery plains, fruitful hill, and those lovely valleys, from the hand of the Kafirs, and then to bring all the Kafirs into subjection to the Islam, and to devote to the sword everyone who refused to believe.”

West African Countries and Peoples James Africanus Horton (1868) The late Sultan of Sokoto, Ahmadu Bello, embraced this greedy dream and most if not all Fulani leadership are gung-ho, about a mission that they believe is Allah ordained: “The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great grandfather Uthman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the minorities in the North as willing tools and the South as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us and never allow them to have control over their future.” — Ahmadu Bello Below are a few excerpts that explain the mindset of the Fulani leadership: “If you don’t implement Shariah your faith became questionable.” — Umaru Dikko. “There is nothing like my position as a former Head of State. This is an issue of Sharia and so it should rather be my position as a Muslim. I am a Muslim.” — Major-General Muhammadu Buhari “By the way, whether one likes it or not, Muslims are in the majority in this country. So no going back on Sharia now.” — President Alhaji Shehu Shagari Over the years, the descendants of Usman Dan Fodio have remained and stayed true to these sentiments. The task of conquering and incorporating the remaining regions of the failed country as parts of their Fulani caliphate has remained the hidden strategy. As a firm believer of Usman’s doctrine, Nigerian current President and Fulani tyrant, General Muhammadu Buhari, is determined and remains on course to complete the Islamization agenda, unimpeded by the requirements of democracy. To him, it is a task that inflexibly must be done—or else everyone would be “drowned” in the Atlantic Ocean. The killings, the intimidations, the use of state power, including security forces are there at his disposal to achieve his goal of Islamic occupation of the non-Muslim portions of the country. Who dares challenge him? The Fulani and few Hausa stooges literally hold all key positions in his inglorious government: Security-related positions, such as the Army, Civil Defense, Immigration, NSA, Prisons, DSS, NTA, EFFCC, FRCN, Air Force, Secretary to the Federal Government, Judiciary, etc. are all in Fulani control. All in the name of “war” against corruption, but the tactics he used to seize power through
intimidation (recall the threat that the “blood of dogs and baboons” would flow if he does not win). However, after one year in office, very few leaders in the Western world still take his corruption campaign, deployed as a tool of persecution against his political enemies, seriously. In the face of all these, many of the non-Hausa-Fulani ethnic nationalities of the failed state called Nigeria seem immobilized with “sidon look.” They remain like the proverbial “calabash” which thought it was engaging in a marimba dance with the fast running stream, not knowing that the stream is leading it on downstream to its final ruination at the mighty waterfall. Such is the cowardice displayed by South-Eastern governors, thugs in gubernatorial clothing, some of whom to our knowledge are even secretly negotiating grazing lands with the Fulani. Equally shameless are self-acclaimed Igbo leaders and politicians who are nowhere to be found when Igbo interests call for validation; the so-called traditional rulers who, through their word or action; and religious leaders who, blind to the teachings of the Bible, rather, like the proverbial “three wise monkeys,” chose to see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. Odikwa egwu! Meanwhile, the born-to-rule Fulani are using the proceeds from oil in our backyard to affect their nefarious plan. These Eastern cowards and agents of the Fulani would rather fight for the crumbs from the master’s table while the masses of our people suffer. As we write, the second reading of the introduced grazing bill scaled through easily with no opposition. This bill will soon become law; an easy and final opportunity for the Fulani to acquire and seize any land, anywhere in the still unconquered areas in the Fulani final Islamization agenda. By the day, phases in the Fulani final onslaught come to the fore. The most recent manifestation is the lawsuit filed by the Fulani Attorney General of Nigeria (alongside his Fulani Solicitor-General colleague) against the Anambra State government for some 148k acres of land, supposedly ceded to the Federal government sometime in 1992, even though, under the so-called Land Use Decree a sitting Governor, vested with control over state lands, has the right to revoke any such deal. This same Attorney General has been deaf and dumb over the many cases of abuse of the judiciary by his kinsman, General Buhari. Nnamdi Kanu is still incarcerated without trial, despite many court orders to the contrary that the President refused to obey. There are others in his category. Many innocent peaceful demonstrators have been killed with no single arrest or prosecution. The list of negligence where this Fulani Attorney General would have exhibited his professional talents is inexhaustible in this failed state called Nigeria. The way we see it, this grazing bill, first presented by Senator Zaynab Kume during the seventh Senate session (2011-2015), and its implementation may become a blessing in disguise for the expired experiment called Nigeria. Everyone is now aware of the treacherous plan of the Fulani—and everyone is watching with their eyes wide open. Only the unified oppressed ethnic nationalities of Nigeria can help themselves; a population of 186 million people against a minority of less than 5 million Fulani piggybacked on a conquered footrest of Hausa people. Only the unified citizens can rise to the wickedness of this marauding Fulani as they strive to introduce their perverted form of Islam no different from the form embraced by ISIL or ISIS on the rest of their own hapless people. Only the unified ethnic nationalities can confront these marauding Fulani parasites lacking in human conscience. Only a unified people can tell a stubborn fly buzzing over a corpse to leave, or be buried with the dead body.
A word is enough for the wise! Signed: For and on behalf of membership of: IgboZaraIgbo 1629 K Street, NW, Suite 300 Washington, DC 20006 Email: IgboZaraIgbo@gmail.com

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