Biafra Genesis

Ancient Biafra Empire exists, extending from the boundaries of old Benin Empire, west of the Niger river and beyond the present day Cameroon Republic. The area encamping this Biafra Empire was already part of the world map as far back as the 15th century (please Google the map yourself). Along this West African coastal region, while the Biafran Empire was situated on the east coast and extended to the interior area, and while the Benin Empire occupied the west side, the Zamfara Empire was on the northern interior. The Berlin Conference of 1884-85 Balkanizations (Scramble for Africa) of Africa by the advancing Europeans thugs altered the course of history. The evil British Empire compounded the problem after “receiving their African share” and for all the reasons known today, merged these “southern and northern protectorates “in 1914 as Nigeria. The boundaries, names, and way of life of the people never changed; they simply assumed different names given by the colonists.

While the local indigenous people named the Biafran Empire Bia-fa-ra, meaning come and dwell permanently (come and live freely), the early Portuguese traders in the 16th century shortened Bia-fa-ra to Biafra, in resonant to their dialect. Among other historical events during this time includes the building of a prominent church in Calabar in 1843 by the Scottish Missionaries, which they named Presbyterian Church of Biafra.

 The 1967 Declaration of Biafra, among other pertinent reasons, was a reminder to the indigenous people of Eastern Nigeria who they really were before the European adventurers.  After the genocidal war against Igbo Biafrans by Nigeria, Genocidist  General Yakubu Gowon proceeded to delete anything Biafra, hoping to erase permanently, any trace of this ancient name. Any wonder history is not part of education in today’s Nigerian entity.

It is important that we credit Comrade Frank Opigo, an Ijaw, and Biafra’s Commissioner for Development, who submitted the new name for consideration to the new Republic in 1967, and which was immediately adopted by then Eastern Assembly Council. Even though in their quest to divide, rule, and conquer, biased minds have been denying there was ever such inclusive Eastern body that unanimously Declared the state of Biafra.

Human beings become very paranoid when the word “change” is mentioned. Yet no society progresses today without adjustment to old ways. Igbo people are not perfect human beings. You will find among them good and bad characters, just as you would do the same in all ethnicities across the globe. So, where is this outright hatred against Igbo Biafran people coming from?  Shouldn’t’ this hatred be a great reason to kick them out of Nigeria?  On the other hand, are there other seasons for insisting on Igbo Biafran Nation to remain in Nigeria? Inquiring minds want to know! A broken marriage where the couple still cohabitate and are at each other’s throat daily may one-day manifest into unimaginable disaster. Let us be wise.


Having clarified the origin of Biafra that was before the artificial expired entity known as Nigeria today, let those who desire to reclaim their Biafran heritage do so willingly. Any ethnicity in this area of Biafra who wishes to chat their own course, including remaining in Nigeria should do so. Presuming every ethnicity in the former Eastern Nigeria to automatically belong to the new Biafra is not only a naïve thought but a dangerous one, especially considering the trend of events before, during, and after the genocidal war against Biafra.

Three unique joint factors still stand out today when Ekwe Nche organization and Biafra Foundation started the new movement to restore Biafra in 1996, namely: 1) that Biafra restoration movement is unique with Igbo Biafran ethnicity only. Every other ethnicity within the former Biafran territory must speak for themselves. That the possibility of a United States of Biafra may be feasible with more than Igbo Biafran ethnicity, however all parties must voluntarily come to such agreement through the instrument of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This unique stance was to quell any confusion of who is a Biafran. 2) That the new Biafra quest would be peaceful, and not through any act of violence, and utilizing International instruments as a corridor. We all agreed to exhaust these instruments to our advantage, nevertheless would not stand by and be annihilated the second time by our traducers. 3)

Therefore, today’s Biafra struggle is all about freedom of Igbo Biafran Nation that must be. Tomorrow’s Biafra may comprise more than Igbo Biafran Nation, of willing souls. This simplification should not be overemphasized. God placed every ethnicity that exists today on their natural boundaries. Igbo Biafran Nation has its natural boundaries fraudulently ceded into 14 states of Nigeria that must be exercised at the appropriate time.

For the former ethnicities of Eastern Nigeria, three things are at stake, namely: chat your own course, join the new Biafra, or remain with Nigeria. Igbo Biafran Nation has chosen the new Biafra, alone or perhaps with others. And in this new Biafra, everyone must answer his or her father’s name, namely:

  • Speak for themselves
  • Control their political space
  • Control their boundaries
  • Grow at their own pace
  • Control 100 percent of their God given resources.

For instance, a uranium deposit found in Ohafia state in new Biafra must remain the God given gift for Ohafia people. Undoubtedly, the Ohafia state will contribute (share their blessings) to the central Biafran government based on agreed percentage, and for obvious reasons. This is the new Biafra!

Lastly, and for the final warning to all Igbo, relocate your business and family to Ala-Igbo or regret only. Let your warehouse, distribution center, and offices be in Ala-Igbo – giving Umu-Igbo employment, while your satellite offices may be elsewhere. You must not continue to gain the whole of Nigeria and lose your soul in the process. While we continue to demand that our people be freed from the clutches of one Nigeria, do not be the proverbial fly that followed the stinking corps to the ground.

And to those who have sworn to be our enemies, as you hate and dwell on persecuting and killing us with little or no provocation, be aware that you have no monopoly to violence.



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