Igbo way of life




In this 21st century  where life should be much easier to manage with the Creator’s bountiful wealth all around us; where many progressing nations are aspiring to discover and utilize this wealth in different forms; where former villains and victims alike are co-operating to make a world of difference;  where leaders -whether appointed, selected, or elected, are held  accountable by the people; where patriotic individuals work for the interest of the people, as opposed to self-interests;  where the good all ways taught by our ancestors from inspiration of the Creator are not mocked, but  used as a guide to the present, and indeed for the future, it is without doubt that back to the way pathway must be drawn for the Igbo Nation, under the present hopeless condition.

This new pathway must be by Igbo believers with fear of the Creator, love for the community, and with patriotism in mind: Patriotism in the path of our past heroes, such as Maazi M.I. Okpara, Maazi Akanu Ibiam, Maazi Mbonu Ojike, Maazi Sam Mbakwe, etc. You must be Igbo individual with humility, love of self and family, respecter of Igbo tradition and culture – with today’s few adjustments. This Igbo must believe in group dynamism, or the old “Igwe bu Ike,” and the “onye aha-la nwa-nne-ya” mantras.  We must go back to the “Ohacracy” invented by our ancestors, adjusting to its subset, “Democracy,” as practiced today among progressing nations. The new Igbo believer must be bold, uncompromising, hardworking, and diligent with truth. This Igbo believer must agree and work on restoring sanity to Igbo – including defending her from both enemies within and outside enemies.

This Igbo believer must not be lukewarm – but rather cold or hot. The believer must not be “ofeke,” rather one that believes in “charity begins at home.” This believer must not be arrogant, full of greed, selfishness, or sell-out. This Igbo must not be the type that “sees no evil, and tell no evil.” This Igbo must not speak from both tongues – loving Igbo in the day, and dining with Igbo enemies in the night. This Igbo must not be crumbs picker from the master’s table, or a deceiving sheep in wolf clothing.

Finally by the special grace of our Creator core Igbo individuals who believe it is not late for Igbo to re-trace their steps to the ways of their ancestors; to atone their many sins to this Creator; to re-visit the great path of knowledge and truth embedded by this Creator; to re-learn and re-apply these pathways with today’s few modifications, have arrived. These individuals of Umu-Igbo cut across different backgrounds: from the best learned to the street smarts. These individuals cut across Continental divide: from great Biafraland to the Continents of the world. These core Igbo individuals, and others who will soon open their blinded eyes, have finally arrived. They have finally drawn a “no trespassing” zone and a vow to “enough is enough.” They want nothing but peace to everyone, including the Igbo. They want nothing but freedom to everyone, including freedom for way of life and space.

This notice has formally been served!

Long live the Great Igbo Nation!

Long Live Umu Chukwu!

Long Live The Land of the Rising Sun!

Respectfully Submitted

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