An IgboZaraIgbo Press Release

A. Preamble

IgboZaraIgbo is a U.S. Igbo non-profit organization unapologetically committed to the promotion of Igbo values in all their ramifications, including the reestablishment of an Igbo State to ground those values.

Duly sensitive to human treacherousness, God in His infinite mercy separated people  into ethnic nationalities—equipping them uniquely with language, culture, tradition, values, and so forth, and placing them in distinct territories across the globe. This act of God benefits all ethnic groups, big or small, wherever they are located. Some of these territories are endowed with mineral blessings, while others are much less so gifted. Some residents of the less endowed territories have worked hard to create wealth that nature did not grant them, while others resort to pillage and forceful takeover of what belongs to others. Given the reality of differential endowments that marks this world, back to the Treaty of Westphalia signaling the birth of the modern nation-state, peoples in different parts of the world have entered into peaceful cooperative activities, broadly denoted as trade, to give them access to natural resources that they do not have.  

B. The Golden Rules

IgboZaraIgbo proposes the following golden rules for ethnic groups yoked together against their will by Britain, right now seeking to emerge free from the rubble of the expired British creature called Nigeria. These rules are specifically directed at ethnic groups in former Eastern Nigeria, today the Southeast and South-South zones. The rules are necessitated by a spike in the number of ethnic organizations from these two zones ostensibly and purportedly disclaiming themselves from the Igbo-Biafra movement. These groups which include the Ibibio, Ijaw, Ogoni, Edo, Itsekiri, and Urhobo, among others, have indicated that they not be included in any proposed map of the United States of Biafra (USB).

The distancing from the Igbo-Biafra movement is a development that we at IgboZaraIgbo expect and welcome as the train of the self-determination movement in the British colony that used to be Nigeria winds its way inexorably toward its final stop of freedom for all groups choked together in Nigeria. What follows is the IgboZaraIgbo recapitulation of the code of well-grounded principles of the new Biafra movement—the “Golden Rules of Ethnicities”—which we earnestly advise that all groups in the Southeast and South-South Zones familiarize themselves with. The Rules are embedded in the time-tested principles of social justice (ofo-na-ogu) that form the way of life in Igbo communities, including odi be ndi (respect for the way of life of other peoples), and egbe belu, ugo belu (the inalienable right of the strong and weak to coexist in peace).

Under the Golden Rules of Ethnicities as we conceptualize them at IgboZaraIgbo, each ethnic nationality:

  • Speaks for itself;
  • Governs itself
  • Controls 100 percent of its resources
  • Controls 100 percent of its boundaries and its political space;
  • Grows at its own pace; and
  • Makes the ultimate decision on the way forward by itself alone.

Going further, each ethnic nationality, no matter its size, qualifies as a “People” under international law and hence entitled to its right to self-determination. Accordingly, each ethnic nationality must:

  • Exercise its right to self-determination;
  • Having done so, each ethnic nationality has the right to go it alone or enter into alliance with other like-minded ethnic nationalities of their choice, sealed with a Memorandum of Understanding the United Nations, in junction with the African Union, may help them craft.

The Golden Rule of Ethnicities is designed to correct once and for all time, the mis-amalgamation, the British mistake of 1914 in lumping together under one state roof, without their consent, disagreeable ethnic nationalities with different value systems and no prior history of living together. As IgboZaraIgbo has repeatedly stressed and reiterate in this press release, no able-bodied individual undertakes a serious journey on the legs of another person. Instead,
where we are right now, each ethnic group in the rickety British colony called Nigeria must by itself, free of all interference by any other group(s), make a decision on the way forward by itself and for its own people. 



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